Tidying Up Your Small Business

Tidying Up Your Small Business – How many of you have heard of Marie Kondo the New York Times best selling author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? If you haven’t heard of her, Marie is a sweet lady who helps people organize their homes through the Japanese art of decluttering & organizing.

How many of us need tidying up in our small businesses? Here are our 5 Basic Rules of Tidying Up Your Small Business inspired by Marie Kondo.

1. Consolidate Software – If you’re paying for a bunch of software that you purchased in 2008, the chances are that there are much better solutions which combine more than one purpose into a single software. Find software that can multitask for your business rather than paying for individual services on monthly subscription fees.

2. Consolidate Your Message – Get organized about what exactly you want to communicate to your customers and get rid of any communication that doesn’t fit the mold.

3. Consolidate Social Media Channels – Take a deep breath… and press deactivate. Yes, it’s time to deactivate some accounts. It’s the year to let go of channels that are using up your time and energy and not bringing you any results. Focus your efforts on your two highest performing channels and get rid of the rest!

4. Simplify Your Website – Once again, it’s not 2008 anymore. Nobody wants to spend 30 mins reading your website just so they can understand what you do. You have 5 seconds to communicate what you do, right on your home page or else people are on to the next one. Be simple and be clear.

5. Consolidate Marketing – Yes this is our plug… why spend money on a full time ‘marketing person’ when you can hire an agency to run everything for you for a quarter of the cost and at double the quality?  For the last time…this is not 2008, times have changed and high quality marketing is more affordable than ever! Read more at smallmarketingbudget.com