Getting to the Top of the Search Results: Why SEO for Small Businesses Is So Important

Why SEO for Small Businesses Is So Important

If you run a small business, the idea of adding SEO into your marketing strategy may be enough to exhaust you.

After all, you’re already running a business, doing payroll, and putting in long hours to make sure you turn a profit. One more thing may seem like one thing too many.

But the reality is that SEO can grant you huge returns, making much of your existing marketing strategy superfluous. SEO and search engine rankings can make or break a business, and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve great results.

Let’s take a look at how SEO for small businesses can benefit you and your company, and how you can get started.

SEO for Small Businesses: What’s the Point?

Google is responsible for almost 70% of all searches on the web. The next closest competitor doesn’t even come close, clocking in at about 18%.

When people use a search engine, they are likely to not click beyond the first page or even the first three results. If you can manage to get yourself into one of those first three spots, your online presence will skyrocket.

And that online presence turns into engagement, conversions, and customers.

Search engines are the mall corridors of modern commerce. They are the conduit through which modern consumers approach the exchange of goods and services.

And you can’t afford to be left out in the cold.

Provide Effective Answers

The goal of the Google search algorithm is to give you the best answer to your query in the first three page results, and ideally, in the first-page result.

When people search, they don’t want to dig through pages of results to get their answer. They want to click and get the best information possible.

If you have good information, you should be at the top of the rating pile. But no matter how good your info, if you aren’t utilizing best SEO practices, you’re going to be stuck in the slush on page seven.

Using SEO effectively gets you higher on the list, helps you provide the best answers to your client’s questions, and helps retain those clients, who now see you as an authority on the topic.

Builds Credibility and Trust

Using good SEO practices is also going to help you build trust. You will get seen by more people, which means being shared by more people. The simple act of being shared builds credibility.

SEO is more than just keywords. It’s also quality backlinks and killer content with high-quality information. Using SEO to get people to your site and then wowing them with your authoritative information builds a relationship.

It takes time, like any relationship, but done well, SEO can earn you trust and credibility, which is almost as good as currency on the internet.

Gives You Client Insight

Once you’ve begun using SEO and using it well, you’ll be able to make use of one of the most powerful tools Google has to offer: Google Analytics.

Google analytics can give you invaluable information about your clients, telling you what they are searching for, where they are from, and what their habits are in reference to your website.

this kind of information is crucial when it comes to planning future marketing.

As you get to know your client base, you can tailor your content to them, meeting them where they are and ensuring that their experience on your site meets their needs and makes their experience with your business a positive one.

Increase Engagement and Conversion

Good SEO increases traffic, traffic increases engagement, and engagement leads to conversion.

Think about SEO in the same way you consider the location for a physical storefront. You want to be visible, with lots of foot traffic and lots of eyes on your sign. It’s the same in SEO.

Think of Google as the biggest town in the world, with the front page as the main high street.

Everything on that main page is getting crazy amounts of foot traffic and visibility, while things on secondary and tertiary pages get increasingly less, and those further back scrounging for scraps with the raccoons.

The traffic itself doesn’t pay the bills, but if you’re in a good location, eventually some of that traffic is going to find its way through your doors. And some of those through the doors will become regular customers.

SEO can get you on that high street if you’re willing to put in the time.

Cost Effective Marketing

The last reason you should be incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy?

It’s cheap.

Even if you outsource the job to an SEO expert, the cost is far less than most other forms of marketing.

Everything in business is about return on investment, or ROI.

SEO best practices give, bar-none, the best ROI of any marketing strategy available, so much so that the cost is very nearly negligible.

Taking your Marketing to the Next Level

SEO for small businesses is easy to brush aside as something you have no time for.

But really, you don’t have time not to do it. SEO is vital to the success of small businesses, and without it, you might as well be throwing money away.

If budget is standing in your way, let us help!

We can help you work within your budget to provide the best results at an affordable price. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to afford the best marketing in the business.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level with SEO? Contact us today!