Getting Cash from Clicks: 8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads

8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Adwords

Did you know that Google handles more than 2 trillion searches a year?

Today, online searches are the consumers’ go-to method to find the right product or service. How can you reach your customers during their online search?

Search engine optimization can help you in that department. But, it will take longer than advertising straight to your audience. Did you know that Google Ads can help?

Maybe you have heard about Google advertising but think it’s too expensive. Yet, that’s far from the truth. Besides pricing, there are many Google Ads benefits.

Don’t know why you should care about Google Advertisements? We’ve got you covered.  

Here are 8 reasons why you should include Google ads in your marketing strategy.

1. You Can Measure Your Results

This reason may seem simple. But, you need easy and understandable results to measure your marketing efforts.

You will have access to reports and results very soon after you launch your Google Ad campaigns. Google Advertising results are easy to navigate which makes it ideal for novice and experts alike.

Some of the information you may find in your results are keywords used by visitors, click through rates (CTR), cost per click, among other details. The great thing about using Google Advertising is that they keep improving their platform to provide more information.

An example is how they added new metrics to learn more details about the average position of your ads on SERPs.

Your results will help you tailor your marketing plan. Tailoring your Google Ads will help you increase your revenue and audience.

2. Huge Online Reach

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. Advertising on this search engine puts you in a prime spot to penetrate your market. While social media platforms aren’t too far behind.

About 74 percent of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. Even if you market on social media, you should prioritize Google Ads to increase your conversions.

3. You Control Your Ad Spending

In contrast with other marketing platforms, Google Ads doesn’t require you to spend a set amount. One of the biggest benefits of Google AdWords is that you control your spending. The platform offers the option to set a maximum daily budget per campaign.

This will allow you to diversify your marketing efforts and run several campaigns at the same time. Also, you can increase your budget at any time providing scalability to the ad campaigns you run.

4. Your Google Adwords Target Your Audience

Turning your brand into a household name takes time and tons of work. In the past, you had to invest in advertising billboards, radio, tv, newspaper, and magazine ads to make it happen. This strategy may bring great results for a company that sells B2C products.

But, B2B companies won’t see the same results by applying this strategy. In contrast, using Google Ads can help them penetrate their market and product category.

Since you are placing your ads on a search engine, you’ll be able to target your audience better than any other platform. Google is always working toward providing the most relevant content to their users.

When you place your ads on Google, the search engine will show your ad to the visitor searching for your keywords. This helps you reach leads that are almost or ready to make a purchase.

5. Easier and Faster Than SEO

You may have your own search engine optimization strategies in place. If not, you should use an SEO Audit tool to learn how to optimize your website.

Even though, SEO is effective it takes a lot of work and time to get great results.

Also, it’s highly competitive to earn that top spot in SERPs. Google advertisements can provide great results in less time than SEO. Google advertisement is very competitive.

But, factors such as bid amount, landing page, the quality score of the keyword, among other details determine your Ad placement. While having an SEO plan is a must, learning the effectiveness of your Google Adwords benefits your website optimization strategy.

Because you can use your best Google Ads keywords in your SEO plan.

6. Google Advertising Complements Your Other Marketing Strategies

Google advertising is great for re-marketing. These ads help you track visitors of your website by using a cookie. This cookie will show your display ads to your visitor when they navigate other websites.

Maybe the visitor wasn’t ready to make the purchase when they visited your site. But, your display ads will help your brand stay on top of their mind bringing in a purchase later on.

7. Outrank Your Competitors

Your company will have competitors even if you get that number one spot in your industry. One of the benefits of Google advertising is that it makes outranking your competitors easy for you. You may think SEO is the only way to outrank them.

Yes, applying the right SEO strategies will help. But, if you use the Target Outrank option in your bidding strategies you can outrank your competitors sooner.

Your report shows how certain competitors outrank you for a term. Choosing Target Outrank, you can set automatic bidding strategies to adjust your bids on that term to outrank your competition.

8. Optimized Google Advertisement Campaigns Bring Higher ROI

When you place Google Advertisements, you only pay for the ads clicked. This brings your ad spending down. During your ad testing and tracking, you will learn what works and doesn’t work for your targeted audience.

You will optimize your Google Ads through the adjustments you make. When you find that sweet spot that works and scale it, you will get a higher return on investment.

Remember that in contrast with other marketing strategies, Google only charges for the ads clicked making it more cost-effective.

Should You Consider Using Google Advertising to Market Your Business?

Yes, you should consider marketing your business on Google to expand your reach. Using Google Adwords is a great strategy for hyper-targeting your audience.

If you are getting started and don’t want to wait for SEO results, Google Ads can be the best marketing strategy for your business. Remember to test and adjust your campaigns till you find that sweet spot that brings the best results.

Want an all-around marketing plan for your business with Google advertising? We can help. Create your custom package and schedule your call with our CEO to expand your online presence today.